autism chidren
mental disorders
mental training
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40 % of students have at least one minor
problem related to behaviour, academics
or life skills.
1 out of every 200 children has autism.
3 crore children in India are known to be dyslexic
More people die of obesity than due to
under nourishment, across the world.
Hearing problems can lead to poor academic performance.
12-15% of children in the age group 6-12
have speech disorders.
Skipping breakfast can lead to
Compass: /kam.pas/
An instrument with a magnetized needle that shows directions
An instrument used to draw circles and measure distances.
To attain, achieve, accomplish, comprehend, grasp.
Our name is also a shorter version of our main sphere of work-Comprehensive Assessment.
We stand for the true meaning of the word, as a team.
We are The Compass Team
Imagine a generation that is physically and mentally healthy. One that has high levels of social and morals values, One that 'raises the bar ' in setting standards, one that understands the intricacies of life,
The Compass Team envisages being an organization that gives shape to a physically and mentally healthier and happier society through a 360° approach involving students,teachers
The Compass Team has its focus on schools from where all the actions begin. Screening, Identification and Remediation (SIR) concept is followed here through the flagship programme,HOPES.
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