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"Which stream of study should my son/daughter choose after high school" ?The answer to this common question lies in Career Aptitude Assessment. Aptitude Assessment was and continues to be a neglected area.  


Years ago choices were limited and course selection was based more on the scope of getting a job. We had a few conventional courses and there was a stigma regarding selection of certain streams other than Mathematics, Science or Commerce. Though it s no different today, the rapidly changing scenario , mainly due to technology, has made Career Aptitude Tests and post test counseling important in decision making.


From Liberal Arts to Product Design, the number and variety of courses has undergone a drastic change. In the years to come, change would be faster and many things might be rendered obsolete. Entrepreneurship as a field of study is gaining importance as many want to be on their own, following their passion.But we need to understand that there could be someone who wants to be a foreman, someone who wants to clear a bank test, someone wanting to be a professor in Wharton, another who wants to crack a P.S.C exam and yet another who wants to go to the National Institute of Design.It is therefore imperative that the Personality and Differentials Skills be assessed and students encouraged to do what they would love to do. Interest, Knowledge and Ability are detrimental parameters and scientific assessment tools bring out the strengths and areas to be improved, clearly.


So help your children choose, wisely and passionately, through a Career Aptitude Test. The results would show.

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