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The Compass Team has been focusing on Emotional Wellbeing and Development of Students , from the day of inception

We believe that their assessment in terms of academics, behaviour and life skills apart from speech and hearing , nutrition and many other aspects is important in making them better individuals. We are also of the firm belief that identifying issues through a scientific and proven process and providing timely remedial intervention would help in bringing many to the main stream. 

Psychology , as a term, needs to be understood as any other branch of medicine and Mental Health MUST be given equal or even more importance. Excuses could prove to be dangerous.

With respect to adults too, especially in the corporate sector, assessing mental health status would go a long way in improving productivity and societal well being.

Holistic  Development is more than just marks and grades. When we involve parents, teachers and other stake holders, it makes way for creating a better world where mental health and allied care are of paramount importance.

We are on a mission to add SMILES to faces.

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The Compass Team

S1 Kavitha Apts
Veekshanam Road
Cochin 682018
Kerala, IN.

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